What is it?

AMPED Up is for any performer (sports, dancer, actor, executive, bad-asses) who wants to get more out of their abilities. It will introduce you to some basic but key skills in improving your mental skills. You will be able to improve your relaxation, lower stress levels, and more.

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It comes packed with some great features already built in, such as,

  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Two Workbooks
  • Routine Builder


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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions we get.

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How much is this cool app?

$2.99 USD

Do you guys update this often?

Only As Needed. We are planning some new features soon though.

Does it work on all versions of iPod/iPhone?


What's included?

Lot's of stuff. Training exercises, two workbooks (a huge value!!!), and a routine builder. There is plenty of stuff to work on with this app.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, it takes time and effort to really improve your skills. You can't go to the gym for one day and get in shape, right? (If you can please email me your secret ASAP)

More questions?

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